Downsizing with a Purpose Before Moving


Seniors of a particular age are frequently concerned about downsizing. It pays to plan if you intend to move into a retirement house or nursing home. Downsizing with purpose is a method of slowing the process. Downsizing entails leaving a home where you’ve made memories. Doing anything with purpose is taking the time to consider your emotions and making deliberate, rather than hurried, decisions.

As soon as you consider assisted living in California, you can begin the downsizing process. You’ll have time to consider life without certain possessions and assess your options. Moving from a large home to a smaller area will need you to empty entire rooms. One successful way is to remove entire rooms that you will no longer need. Almost everything in those rooms will have to be sold or donated.

When it comes to selling necessities like furniture, internet classifieds like Craigslist can be a useful method to rapidly discover people in the market. However, selling on eBay for antiques or vintage objects may connect you with a market willing to pay more. You might also ask your children and grandchildren if there is anything they would like to take that you are not keeping. You might be shocked by what they value.

If you’ve decided to relocate to Bella Cortina Residential Care, come by and get an idea of how much downsizing you’ll need to do.

Allow yourself time to downsize with purpose. You can contact us at any moment if you have any questions about the space or residential care in Moreno Valley, California that you will be receiving, and we will help you plan properly.

We can assure you that our senior livingprovides you with personalized care plans well suited to your needs.

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