Guide to Memory Care for Seniors


When it comes to aging, because it’s a common occurrence for seniors to be forgetful, most family members tend to brush aside any signs of serious memory problems. Our team providing Residential Care in Moreno Valley, California stresses the importance of taking proactive steps when it comes to dementia care.

If you have a loved one, whom you suspect might be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related Dementia, we have gathered some guidelines that you can integrate into the senior’s Personalized Care Plans.

  • Do Your Research

    The more you know, the better you can handle the situation. Knowing the origin of the disease, what to expect as the disease progresses, and the different treatment plans available is imperative because it helps you become more prepared. Our health staff members in our Nursing Homeare well educated on the common diseases that seniors develop and put their skills and knowledge to use in order to come up with individualized senior care. 

  • Engage them in Mind-Stimulating Activities

    When a senior patient immerses in mind-stimulating activities, it helps slow down the appearance of symptoms. Doing brain exercises regularly can improve the elder’s declining cognitive abilities, like memory performance. Assisted Living in California provides games and different reading materials to freshen up your loved one’s cognitive function.

  • Provide Simple Instructions

    When the elders are unable to achieve seemingly mundane tasks due to their memory problems, they get frustrated. It’s best to give the elders simple instructions and to communicate with them clearly. The caregivers of Bella Cortina Residential Care are patient and effective in guiding our patients, especially in adjusting to their new lifestyle brought about by the development of the disease.

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