Increasing Your Community Engagement


Evidence suggests that people involved in their communities are less likely to have high blood pressure or cardiovascular illness, less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment, and may even live longer lives.

Age-related declines in health and social capital can have a direct and negative impact on mental and physical health. There is, thankfully, a solution: creating senior communities that optimize sharing, camaraderie, health, and enjoyment. Here’s how you can increase your social capital:

  • Participate
    It makes no difference the group activity you join as long as you participate actively and regularly. If you live in a nursing home, ask your health and wellness director for a copy of the monthly activity calendar, or become a volunteer in your community.
  • Befriend Neighbors
    Get to know the people around you. Friendship is necessary at all stages of life. It’s never too early or too late to start, whether you’ve just moved to a new home or residence where you were born.
  • Start a Hobby
    You’ll have a cause to spend time with like-minded people regularly, whether you join a knitting group or take a woodworking class.
  • Relocate to a Close-Knit Community
    Assisted living in California provides several chances for formal and informal social activities and encourages resident participation, solidarity, and active, independent aging. In an age-in-place community, you can socialize as little or as much as you like while knowing that help is always accessible.

Bella Cortina Residential Care provides chances for seniors to be active and connected to their surroundings. Our members enjoy a wide range of lifestyle, programming, and service options, including 24-hour care and hospice care.

Take a tour of our community today if you are seeking for a retirement residence or residential care in Moreno Valley, California with a busy social schedule.

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