Looking Out for Safety Risks at Home


While our homes easily provide the best comfort, they can still pose potential threats, especially to the elderly who have developed diseases over time that impairs their senses and physical movements. Studies show that a large number of cases of accidents that are treated in emergency rooms are caused by accidents at home. Our Assisted Living in California aims to prevent safety and health hazards that commonly occur at home. 

Here are some common safety risks you should look out for in a senior’s Long Term Living:

  • Falls

    Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults 65 and older, and many of them occur in the person’s own home. According to the National Safety Council, nearly one-third of seniors have a fall-related accident each year, with 70% of these falls occurring at home. Ourpersonalized care plansendorse home modifications like removing tripping hazards and maintaining a good walking space. In our Nursing Home, we have non-slip footwear and walking devices like a cane or a walker. 

  • Poisoning

    There’s a higher chance of accidental poisoning due to several reasons, and it mainly happens to senior patients due to their increased medicine intake. We promote proper medical management to avoid adverse effects brought about by medication errors. Having a medication kit and putting labels would help the patient’s health.

  • Fires

    Fires can happen anytime at home, especially to a senior who requires using oxygen. One of the preventive measures of our Residential Care in Moreno Valley, California is installing smoke detectors.

Bella Cortina Residential Care is a trusted residential care provider in Moreno Valley, California. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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